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The Agile Wire

Jun 16, 2019

Both Jeff and I have had the joy of working with Beth Jagodinsky on numerous different projects over our careers. She is a people and product manager with a robust portfolio of products she has brought to market. Visit for more information.

Jun 2, 2019

Thanks to the Milwaukee Product Brew meetup for recording our last presentation on the Super Power of Product Ownership. We'll provide additional show note information at

May 19, 2019

Coming out of PMI PDD in Madison, IBADD in Iowa and Centare's Agile Camp in Milwaukee we talk about some of the big take away ideas. BONUS: Here is a fun clip of Jeff & Chad stepping outside the comfort zone at IBADD

Apr 21, 2019

A discussion with Chad Beier from on Organizational Agility and the Professional Scrum Master II course.

Apr 8, 2019

Agile Leader -- what does that even mean? Let's talk through it as well as a little bit on team accountability and meeting people where they're at on their journey.