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The Agile Wire

Sep 8, 2019

Robb Pieper is the CEO of Responsive Advisors and a Professional Scrum Trainer with View the full show notes at

Sep 1, 2019

Steve Denning is a keynote speaker, Author, and frequent contributor to Forbes. His latest book, The Age of Agile, talks through the three laws of an Agile organization as the law of customer delight, the law of small teams, and the law of the network. See more information at 

Aug 26, 2019

Lucas Smith is a Professional Scrum Trainer with and the head of Agile Practice at Toyota Connected. Show notes posted at

Aug 11, 2019

"Let's play a game. You tell me why I shouldn't hire you and I'll tell you why you shouldn't work here."

Jonathan Yankovich is a management consultant with a specialty in Holacracy coaching and implementation. We jump through a number of topics from general discussion about Holacracy to hiring practices and helping...

Jul 29, 2019

“Any time you write a user story if you find yourself kind of prescribing the solution in your user story it’s probably to descriptive... Think about the problem you’re actually trying to solve.”

Rachel Krause is a User Experience Specialist at Nielsen Norman Group. We’ve had the pleasure of working with...