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The Agile Wire

Jan 11, 2021

Joe is an amazing change agent who has helped influence organizations like Amazon, Toyota, Tesla, Apple, and leads WIKISPEED. Check out the full show notes at

Check out more at Joe's site:


Dec 28, 2020

Patricia Kong has been with for over 8 years and has helped lead the Evidence Based Management framework development and growth to help organizations answer the question ‘what evidence do you have that you’re improving value delivery when you scale’. Check out the full show notes at

Dec 14, 2020

Andrew is helping companies apply the technologies of Microsoft (like AI & Cloud) to help Healthcare companies improve on how they deliver care. Check out the full show notes at


Nov 30, 2020

Chad is an organizational agility advisor with a knack for Agile Parody songs. We got together to talk about some of the recent updates to the Scrum Guide. Check out the full show notes at


Nov 18, 2020


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